FrankenBike # 2 ~ TO BE ANNOUNCED ~ 4pm-9pm

Hello from Portland! Bike Farm was planning to host September’s FrankenBike swap meet, but due to a small fire in the shop we regretfully need to postpone until the new space is up and running again. We look forward to hosting a fun, free, FrankenBike Swap Meet soon! In the meantime, Bike Farm could use your support and company. During the closure, we will be hosting extended hours from noon to 8pm every Friday at the CCC’s warehouse space: 135 NE Schuyler St. Check our facebook ( for pop-up hours around town and news about the swap meet.


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FrankenBike # 1, OCT 28, 2012, Noon-4pm

Hey Portland! FrankenBike #1 is booked and will be held from noon-4pm at Bike Farm ;)

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Hello Portland, Oregon!

FrankenBike # 1 in Portland, Oregon is on the way!

Hey Folks!  We’ll have an update regarding the first 3 locations of Portland FrankenBike in the next few days.  Until then, check out to get an idea of what to expect and please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at    Cheers!


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